GORGEOUS pumpkins $2-5 dollars for sale now

Fall display and edible baking pie pumpkins are READY and out in our self serve farm stand   Large $5….Medium large $3…..small edible $2


Kabocha squash NEW THIS year!

sweetest ever squash   $3 each


By popular demand with have the brilliant Red October Squash (a variation of the ancestral huge Hubbard squash…improved color for nutritiousness…and sweet…will feed 4-12 depending on size…Easy to bake…makes a terrific “pumpkin pie” $3Redoctober

smaller Delicata for $ 1 each.  One of these is great for a couple or small family…quickly cooked in a microwave and have edible skin!   A family of 6 ought to have 3 medium ones, with everybody getting 1/2 ……    delicatasqaush

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