Labrador Retrievers

Ironweed E Z Money@ Grace Farms RN MH DOB: 7/5/2009 CLEARANCES: 2252(2)“Red” is a proven stud of 5 litters of healthy pups.  He was purchased from Nancy Eisaman of Ironweed Kennels and trained by Mary Fowler to a Rally Novice title and to a Master Hunter title.  He was retired from competition and lives with Dr Ron and Della Riis basking in a house dog life with all the opportunities to hunt all kinds of upland and water fowl around New York state and in South Dakota that a retriever could want.  Because of his phenomenal marking ability and trainability we wanted to save his genetics for further breeding and have frozen straws which are stored at Zoetis Cryobank.  These are available to approved Labrador Retriever females.  Grace Farms Labrador Kennel owns the stud rights to “Red”.


Grace Farms Lightning Bolt Right Here CGC, RE, RATM, TKI, SH      DOB: 1/16/2016              CLEARANCES:

Screenshot_2020-11-13 (20+) Facebook(2)   “Fonzie” was bred by Grace Farms Kennel and is a proven stud of black and yellow pups.   He is a house dog who is a very versatile dog in that he is eager to learn anything put in front of him.   His conformation meets the AKC standard as written proven by being awarded a CONFORMATION CERTIFICATE by the Labrador Retriever Club of America, a club following the AKC guidelines for Labs.  He has been easy to train has an excellent nose and excellent marking and memory.  He is training for his Master Hunt test title (having one leg) as well as for agility and obedience trialing.

Grace Farms Labrador Kennel is owned by Mary Fowler

Mary Fowler is an AKC  Breeder of Merit.  This AWARD  shows a breeder has been fully invested in their breed for many years and shows that they are trying to improve the breed.  They work to produce physically sound, intelligent and highly trainable pups that look like the AKC standard and have the temperament, trainability and health clearance for healthy performing Labrador Retrievers.

Mary believes people who buy a Labrador Retriever pup or dog should be aware there are many genetic tests and veterinary exams to detect disease that all breeders should have performed on their breeding stock so that they do not create sickly or poorly structured puppies.  Buyers should ask to see proof that these exams and tests have been done before buying:

Current Genetic Disease Tests Available For Labrador Retrievers:

EIC( Exercise Induced Collapse; dogs have seizures when highly stressed), CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy; This is a devastating muscle cell disorder), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy, causes blindness in middle aged dogs), drd (dwarf retinal dysplasia, a disease where pups take on a basset hound-like structure and have eyes with retinal folding)

Current Veterinarian Phenotype Exams:

Parent dogs’ hips and elbows should be X-rayed and registered with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), and also the eyes should be examined yearly by a board certified opthamologist and also registered with OFA.  Breeding dogs should be fully vetted and inoculated for common dog diseases, and kept parasite free, including yearly heartworm testing and regular checks for intestinal parasites.

We have litters at Grace Farms only occasionally to produce dogs with true Labrador Retriever temperament, structure, train-ability and retrieving drive. All eye/hip clearances on parents and our dogs meet the AKC standard as written in the “AKC Book of Dogs.” We breed black and yellow only.