Our Values at Grace Farms

Our Values at Grace Farms

Our vision is to produce quality trees for our customers in an environmentally sound way. Grace Farm's ValueWe mentor dog owners who are actively training their dogs.  Dogs that are friendly to other animals and people and are on leash are allowed in the fields

I) We value relationships:

A) With our customers. We want everyone who visits to have a safe environment, therefore we  allow customers to use HAND SAWS only

We offer many extras to our customers daylight hours on Saturdays and Sundays only

  1. Free parking
  2. Advice
  3. Assistance cutting, carrying and lifting
  4. Drilling up to 10 ft. tree
  5. Baling up to 12 ft. tree

B) With our extended neighborhood and military

  1. Our neighbors use our land recreationally all year long
  2. We give tours to groups
  3. “Central Bark Canine Events” and we encourage responsible dog owners to exercise and train their dogs on leash
  4. Grace Farms and Legion Post 915 donate to “Trees for Troops”

C) With local businesses

  1. We buy supplies locally as much as possible
  2. We hire local contractors

II) We value the environment:

A) We choose sustainable agricultural practices by

  1. replanting trees every year
  2. planting more trees than we sell

B) We choose not to use pesticides or dyes and minimally use herbicides

C) We qualify in the NYS Agricultural Environmental Management program (AEM)  https://www.nys-soilandwater.org/aem/AEM-Brochure.pdf

D) Much of what we do is labor intensive (using hand tools)

E) We choose to advertise on the internet thereby saving much paper and ink

F) We encourage car pooling with friends and family