About Grace Farms of Central New York

We open our fields to customers who wish to choose and cut their Christmas tree. We also offer trees that are already cut, and drilled. We bale trees, sell hand made items like wreaths.

The big “IF”and “AND”

Immense job of clearing snow at Grace Farms has begun.  We will be OPEN on Good Friday at 9 am for Pre-Cut Tree and Wreath sales.

“IF” the machinery and weather permit us to clean out  paths between trees of the plantations,

AND customers  are prepared for wallowing around in deep snow where there are no paths, there might be “Cut Your Own” tree sales that day as well.    022

Barn Hunt

With barns still being used to store hay and straw…vermin like the norway rat are starting to move in to stay warm.  It is something farmers deal with….but cats are not the answer to large rodents…which can scare a cat away with one bite.

Farmers with terriers/herding breeds of all sorts/hybrids of prey driven breeds/and any breed that has a good nose and perseverance can have tons of fun in a new sport that has been designed to “train” dogs specifically to the scent of a live rat.

Can your dog search 30 bales of hay in under 3 minutes to find just one caged rat?

If you think so…check out Central Bark Canine Events of Central NY website or facebook page.  …

If you are wanting to train for something your dog LOVES to do….old or young dogs….then barn hunt is for your team!   check it out!062