About Grace Farms of Central New York

We open our fields to customers who wish to choose and cut their Christmas tree. We also offer trees that are already cut, and drilled. We bale trees, sell hand made items like wreaths.

GORGEOUS pumpkins $2-5 dollars for sale now

Fall display and edible baking pie pumpkins are READY and out in our self serve farm stand   Large $5….Medium large $3…..small edible $2


Kabocha squash NEW THIS year!

sweetest ever squash   $3 each


By popular demand with have the brilliant Red October Squash (a variation of the ancestral huge Hubbard squash…improved color for nutritiousness…and sweet…will feed 4-12 depending on size…Easy to bake…makes a terrific “pumpkin pie” $3Redoctober

smaller Delicata for $ 1 each.  One of these is great for a couple or small family…quickly cooked in a microwave and have edible skin!   A family of 6 ought to have 3 medium ones, with everybody getting 1/2 ……    delicatasqaush

We’ve expanded!

New addition on Grace FarmsNew addition to Grace FarmsWe have a new heated indoor rest room, and a new garage door on the South side of the pre-cut tree barn.

Central Bark Canine Events of CNY is hosting barn hunts/seminars and lessons and tracking seminars from January-November. See info@central-bark.biz for details

Check out our facebook page: Grace Farms of Central New York