Christmas Trees

Christmas TreeWe have a large selection of trees

We offer 1000’s of trees on our farm with an abundance of the very popular fir species with a good selection of spruces. Below we’ve listed the specifics for each type of tree to help you find the “perfect Christmas tree” for your home!

The Christmas tree business at Grace Farms has always been family operated since we began in 1977. Come out to our farm, park, take a short walk to our tree lot(s), find your tree, and cut it with a bow saw, or enlist an employee to cut it for you. There is a warming room with rest room available (in our gold barn) as well.

Please Note:  WE ARE OPEN SATURDAY and SUNDAY in 2021.

We OPEN Thanksgiving Weekend!

WE ARE OPEN  Open starting Thanksgiving weekend 
9:00 am-4:30 pm    Saturday and Sunday in 2021

Fraser Fir TreeFraser Fir

  • Wonderful fragrance
  • Branches slightly stiffer than Balsam and Canann Fir
  • Dark needles with a hint of silver

West Virginia FraserWest Virginia Fraser (aka Canaan Fir)

  • Good Fragrance
  • Branches supple
  • Needles soft
  • Dark green color

Colorado Blue SpruceColorado Blue Spruce

  • Silver-tipped branches
  • Great for ornament support
  • Sharp needles with good retention with proper care

White SpruceWhite Spruce

  • The old stand-by
  • Stiff branches are excellent for ornament support
  • Good needle retention with proper care


   Concolor  Fir  (aka white fir)                                                           concolor fir

  • blue green long soft needles
  • pleasant citrus fragrance
  • rumored to be least allergenic
  • needle retention spectacular

Prices (includes sales tax!)

Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree –  Most are $50*  unless otherwise indicated. 

Fresh Already-Cut Trees$10-$60* (any species) priced as marked

Curbside Fresh Already-Cut, Drilled and BALED Trees$10-$60* (any species) priced as marked by height (you are still responsible to tiedown your own tree)

Cathedral Sizes – These remain in the field and are $60*  Please make a special request. PLEASE inquire by phone a day in advance 315-668-1195 or upon arrival

*Cash preferred, Credit Cards accepted (with a 3% plastic CC additional charge)

Help is available to cut, carry and place newly purchased trees in or on customers’ vehicles. The customer must tie the tree securely for transport.