Cut Your Own Christmas Tree


Cut your own Christmas tree or select one we’ve freshly cut!Christmas tree

Choose from the thousands of the most popular firs and spruce trees covering our fields. We keep our trees carefully trimmed so you and your family can find the “perfect tree”.

Our farm in Central Square, New York offers a family, friendly atmosphere where you will build memories each year. You can choose and cut your own Christmas tree or pick from a great selection of fresh already cut trees. We also have fresh made evergreen wreaths to add to your Christmas display. We are taking orders now, deposit required.

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Grace Farms COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

The ongoing pandemic has changed many parts of our lives but we hope our family tree farm experience and beautiful Christmas tree in your home will provide a sense of normalcy, togetherness, and unity for your family and friends. Grace Farms is committed to providing a safe and healthy site for our customers, staff, and visitors. 

We have developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Everyone is responsible for helping execute this plan. Grace Farms cannot be held responsible for the contraction of Covid-19 while visiting the farm. 

We’ve worked hard to continue many of the farm activities and experiences you’ve enjoyed in previous years.  However, in several cases we have altered how you’ll experience them this year with an eye toward safety (details below).  We sincerely thank you and want to provide a tree to your family this year but you and your family’s safety is our first priority.  Thus, if you still feel uncomfortable with any of the activities please refrain from participating in them.  We look forward to hopefully getting back to “normal” next year! 

*** These policies and plans are subject to change as new information becomes available ***

Before Arriving

If anyone in your group has Covid-19 or related symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with those conditions in the last 14 days please stay away from the farm.  We also encourage coming on a Friday or Monday  to reduce crowding.  We are open Friday-Monday 9AM to DARK (4:30PM)

Parking Lot

We have several large parking areas near the field.  Please maintain social distancing.  You can cut your tree and drag it to the pickup area OR find an assistant in the field to pick up and transport your tree to the barn for baling and hole drilling. Do not park on the side streets or in the fields.  If you drive on the grass it’s likely you will get stuck and there is a $50 tow fee.

Face Masks

Please wear face coverings and keep socially distanced from other customers and staff, especially in the pre-cut and cashier area.  Most of the farm activities are outside but face coverings are for your safety as well as others around you.  Our staff will wear face masks or buff/gaiters when social distancing can’t be maintained.

Welcome Greeter

We have a welcome shed/greeter at the entrance. This greeter will divert people to the cut-your-own fields or pre-cut lot area.  Additionally, you can choose to watch a short video on your smart phone before or upon arrival.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

We will have hand sanitizer stations the Barn and Cashier.

“To-Go” Trees

We will offer “To-Go” trees for customers that want to limit their shopping time at the farm.  Our staff will hand-pick a limited quantity of premium trees (above average shape, density, etc) in a limited number of sizes (likely 7’-9’).  They will be pre-drilled and bailed.  Simply tell us a size and we will put the tree in your truck or set on your car.  We will provide tie-on strings but if you really want to limit your contact please consider bringing ratchet straps or your own rope/tie-downs.


We will still have saws available for cut-your-own customers.  The saws will be disinfected between uses.

Chalupa the Donkey

No Donkey or Manger scene this year.  This is a high-crowd area and we could not create a safe place to interact with Chalupa.


We are providing an OUTHOUSE for bathroom uses. There will be NO indoor facilities. We are cleaning the outhouse every few hours with disinfectant. Please plan accordingly if you prefer to not use an outhouse.

Tree Barn and Warming Room

The tree barn will be closed to customers this year (tree and wreath prep only).  Check-out will be at the baler area. Precut trees, pre-baled trees and wreaths will be outside only.

Hot Cocoa and Cookies

We will not have our wonderful hot cocoa or cookies this season.  Based on our current facilities we are not able to safely serve cider.

Touchless/Limited Touch Payment Options.

You may pay with credit card via PayPal swipe or tap. We offer PayPal payment with an scannable HR code or via email. We also will take cash. Please send one person to pay if you have a group of people. We can take payment while you stay in your vehicle as well. 

Tie-On Area

We will continue to set trees on the top of your vehicle or in your truck’s bed. We are not able to tie trees to vehicles. Our staff will wear a face mask or neck buff/gaiter when within 6 feet of customers and vehicles. 


Staff will wear face masks or buff/gaiters when social distancing can’t be maintained.  Staff will also have “core” jobs and teams to minimize contact across staff.

Tree Prices for 2012

TREE PRICES HERE we take cash, credit card payments via PayPal and use a scannable PayPal QR code (you will need a PayPal account for this)GF-FamilyPhoto courtesy of Jussara Potter.

DIRECTIONS:Directions to Grace Farms
Find our farm in Central New York, just north of Syracuse at – 78 Gunther Road, Central Square, NY 13036 or call us at 315.668.1195 for further information.

Grace Farms HoursOPEN 9:00 am- 4:30 pm on  FRI, SAT, SUN & MON 

ONLY after Thanksgiving until Christmas


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